Simple, Efficient E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

We pack and ship each order with personal attention and love.

Our Services

Reliable 3PL order fulfillment with personalized attention and dedicated support for small eCommerce businesses.

Shopify E-commerce Fulfillment

We mainly work with Shopify stores and assure your order is fulfilled both accurately and quickly to retain a happy customer.

Kitting and Assembly

We know how important the unboxing experience is, and we’re here to save you time and money with efficient and trustworthy assembling and kitting of your product.

We Integrate With 150+ Ecommerce Platforms / Shopping Carts / Marketplaces / Sales Channels

Los Angeles, CA

3 Core Advantages

A service you can trust

Discounted Postage Rates

We’ve partnered with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL to help you save up to 61% on postage rates! Domestic and international shipping.

Low Order Minimums and Highly-Competitive Pricing

Unlike other fulfillment services, we have low monthly order minimums and highly-competitive pricing (20% lower than most of our competitors).

Highly-personalized and relationship-driven service

We are a family owned and operated business and we promise to pick, pack and ship each order with personal attention and love.
Why Shipdazzle?

Our Purpose is to Save You Time and Money

Save money with discounted postage rates, save time on order fulfillment, inventory tracking and processing returns and focus on growing your business or doing what you love!

Efficient technology-powered fulfillment

Small business friendly, low monthly order minimums

Up to 61% reduced postage rates

Detailed Quality Inspection

Highly Competitive and Simple Pricing Structure

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Personalized and relationship-driven service

How It Works

Focus on selling your product and growing your business – we’ll handle the rest.


Send us your inventory

You make or source a great product, then ship it to our warehouse in Los Angeles. We perform the quality control upon receiving.

Orders start to come in

We sync all of your sales channels with ShipDazzle, so that order start flowing in and you can sit back and relax. From here, we'll take care of the rest. We'll store the inventory, and as soon as the order comes in - we start working on it right away.

We pick and assemble your order

Whether it's a simple pick and pack or putting together a subscription box - we've got you covered!

We choose the best packaging for your order

We customize your packaging to your brand’s specifications or use your custom branded boxes to make your presentation go the extra mile.

We make the most of your branding

We’ll include your custom packing slips and promotion inserts at no additional expense!

We choose the best shipping method

According to your instructions, we ship the order with your preferred shipping method with our discounted postage rates.

We send the tracking information to your sales channel and customer

Once your orders are shipped, we update your sales channel with tracking information and inventory counts. Plus, a custom branded confirmation email is sent to the customer.
Shipdazzle ecommerce order fulfillment process
You make or source a great product, them ship it to our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. We perform the quality control upon receiving.
Integrate all of your sales channels into ShipDazzle, sit back and relax. From here, we’ll take care of the rest. Orders start to come in.
We’ll pick, knit and assemble your order
We’ll pick the best packaging
We make the most of your branding with custom packing slips and promo inserts
We choose the best shipping method

Clear Pricing

No contracts. Low order processing minimums. Maximum discounted rates.

Step 1: Pick and Pack

Order Processing



Pick and Pack





* Pricing above is based on 100 orders per month

Custom Packaging



Up to 3 steps of custom packaging (i.e.: tissue paper, eco-fill, stickers)

Custom Box



Have us pack your items into your own custom box!

Promo Inserts



Include your marketing materials (i.e. business cards) at no cost.

Step 2: Affordable Storage

Pick Location + Storage

Pick location

Each product has a unique storage location to ensure high accuracy and streamlined order fulfillment.




Various Sizes

Storage location

If there is any surplus inventory  – it will be placed on a pallet. You will only be charged for the storage you’re actually using.


order fulfillment storage pallet


40” x 48” x 48”

I travel for work and it was incredibly difficult to manage my fulfillment around my travel schedule. Having ShipDazzle take care of my fulfillment is a total game changer.

I am constantly impressed with how my orders go out promptly and perfectly. I have full trust in the team that they have my business’ best interest in mind and they go above and beyond to show that.

ShipDazzle allows me to travel without any worry about my fulfillment and spend my extra time working on the future of my business.

Nicole HumphreysAugust Effects

Before working with ShipDazzle I was shipping my products myself out of my home in Hawaii. I was looking for a fulfillment center in Los Angeles to save on import fees and transit costs.

I'm quite satisfied with very reasonable pricing and responsive customer service that ShipDazzle provides. They are accommodating if an individual order has problems or needs specific instructions, organized and more vibrant business than the norm, like a new take on the industry!

Aran HigaDream Sling Inventor,

Save up to 61% on postage rates, over 80% on your overhead and eliminate your operational challenges altogether!


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