Building the service we wish had existed.

As the founder of two thriving e-commerce brands, I felt overwhelmed with the daunting day-to-day operations of my own order fulfillment and the many hours I spent shipping boxes rather than growing my business and spending time with my family.
I struggled to find a fulfillment center that didn’t require high monthly order minimums and pricing that didn’t cut too deeply into my margins. After several years of optimizing my own fulfillment process, I created ShipDazzle as the solution I wish had existed — one that would put a small business owner’s needs first.
Unlike other fulfillment services, we have low monthly order minimums and are small-business friendly. We provide technology-powered but highly-personalized and relationship-driven service.

Our Purpose

You sell, we ship. It’s that’s simple. Our sole purpose is ensuring that we save you time and money with our technology-powered pick-and-pack system and discounted postage rates, so you can focus on growing your business.
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Shipdazzle is proud to be a family-owned and operated business.



My favorite place to travel: Pacific Coast

On Sunday morning, you can find me: Making funny toys from felt

I am grateful for: Being close to the people I love


My favorite place to travel: Nepal

On Sunday morning, you can find me: at the archery range or diving into the pool

I am grateful for: My family


My favorite place to travel: Big Bear Lake, CA

On Sunday morning, you can find me: Cooking Borscht for the week

I am grateful for: The best wife in the world

Our Promise

Our guarantee to you, our clients, is that our team will pick, pack, and ship each of your orders with personal attention, a thorough quality check, and love!

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